Shifting Paradigms Esencialment

We ideate and create unique development architecture to spark people talent & career with meaning and purpose.

As a result, you build personal and soft capacities, and establish empowering environments to increase the number of sustainable change makers. We are an impact driven company that works with Esencialment, a corporate artistic concept that:

Embrace surprise

Question perception

Invite transformation

We quintessence: aim towards developing a refined human essence . This is deep work and it means we sense, act beyond and focus on what makes the difference, conceptualizing the human experience.

As we are currently shifting paradigms, we live a moment of unprecedented opportunities, and there are unique windows to ideate and thrive.

At Isencea Ltd we are squarely creative by heart and focus on Human Development Ideation & Architecture:

Audit & Consultancy

Ideation & Architecture

Development & Care

Our main speciality lies in developing architectures that shift paradigms, add value and make a difference in the world. We aim to be:

Creatively Innovative

Freshly High End

Brightly Ethical 

Being a strong advocate of human beings and their nature, we inclusively value life and its force, with no compromise. We trust our insights and intuition to decide if and when to connect with others, clients included.


Isencea Ltd – Company n.12309648 registered in England & Wales

45 Mycenae Road, SE37SF London, UK

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