The cards have been reshuffled and we do not know what they will look like. Let’s cut the crap and act. We are the most powerful when we are ourselves, operating out of love and with benevolence. The rest is crap and fluff that is not to be tolerated under any excuse. You are wanted, heard and seen! For you to retrieve your original set up I invite you to Sharpen up your exceptional edges!

Be yourself with skills, be a catalyst!

The shortest way to become aware, emotionally intelligent, listen to your insights is to develop the few unique skills that make the difference in leadership. Get your ethics , lead agile, shine authenticity and transform the world.

What can you do? 

Honestly examine your implicit biases and change them. Observe who you are, educate yourself. See your personal actions, values and responsibility as inextricably tied with the well-being of society. 

Hold yourself and your stakeholders accountable. Foster and energize your community. Stand up, march, speak out. Talk to your stakeholders, and those around you. Listen a lot. Become inspiring in the way that is authentic to you – whether that is quiet and empathic or loud and bold. 

The world is not something happening to you. You are an active participant in the human reality. 

Let’s be here for each other


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