If you just want to scratch the surface or pretend, stop reading.

This is because I bring deep levels of work and transformation, especially in the realms of  Leadership.

Imagine deep diving into your purpose, deeply embodying your YES to life and taking inspired action?

You are now ready to sparkle your life energy, your inner freedom, become aware of who You truly are, of your authenticity and fully express your leadership.

How does that compare with how you are leading right now?

You feel aligned, in truth, inspired and in flow.

Hi, I am Angélique, a woman of purpose, a high flyer and a seasoned executive global privileged partner who works alongside people like you i.e. « highly conscious leaders » to spark their leadership, embody their full presence & inspire. 

I believe life unfolds EASILY and JOYFULLY, in FLOW when one is leading in authentic alignement with their true Purpose.

Once you accept my invitation to rise and explore a higher degree of connection and a new level of consciousness, you will embody Your Full Leadership and act with integrity and ethics. 

As a seasoned global executive coach and leadership development facilitator, I have supported many executives around the globe to journey THEIR INNER WORLD and  DEVELOP THEIR LEADERSHIP:

  • Reconnecting to who they truly are regardless of current choices and status and fully embodying this
  • Igniting a highly fulfilling life/business in FLOW
  • Being inspiring and successful.  In short, taking inspired and aligned action, shining who they are with integrity and brilliance.

Working with me is like having a highly connected and sensory partner, with a feminine touch, AND appropriate challenge.  I connect with you deeply.

  • Coaching process: you drive, I support you, we connect, dive deep & transform
  • I share my innermost strategies, experiences and everything I know in the arena of THE executive WORLD and entrepreneurship
  • My clients always say they trust me and experience deep life-changing TRANSFORMATIONS!

I work in English, French and Italian.

Book a discovery call now! 

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