3 – Origins Especialment

Secret n.1 night.

Did you know I used to be a Polynesian Chief?

Not once, but in two different past lifetimes.

How do I know?

Well, I travel back into lifetimes every single time I receive quantum healing sessions and this came up so clearly during one session, along other past events, that I ended up really surprised.

So, here goes my story of a few lifetimes back.

I was the chief, a solid and powerful tattooed Polynesian Chief, with a lot of influence. And I loved my island very dearly.

All of a sudden, I saw my island disappear, just as if it unfocussed and « booom », here came a huge explosion. The whole island was gone! Destroyed! Completely!

Now back to my real feelings as I am journeying this event…what I am feeling is an immense sense of despair and heavy sadness. This was my territory and I lost it all. I did not have a land anymore. Tears are forming in my eyes, a deep shout is asking to come out of my throat.

This is when I formed the belief that « never again would I get attached to a land anymore ».

Back to today’s meaning: I have been feeling a nomad for a looooong time and has never been bothered, up to that journey, to either belong or possess a territory. In fact, I could not even understand why many are so attached to a territory and fight so hard for it.
Since then, something has changed in me. I now have a sense of territory and respectably make my own limits much clearer and louder. I surprise myself daily as this is still rather new to me and it comes spontaneously 🙂.

Synchronicity and sense of belonging: Last summer, ie a year ago, I saw an ad for a Polynesian Day in some village around my hometown. Late in the afternoon, I decided to go, drawn by my never ending cultural curiosity.
Note, I have never been to Polynesia nor did I feel any kind of particular attraction to it.
Yet, as the Polynesian Dancers’ Show came on, I was totally mesmerized by their tattoos and by their bodies. That feeling stayed with me so vividly for a whole week and a little less so thereafter for about 6 months, ie until I went into a Polynesian Tattoo shop to enquire about having one done. When I walked into the shop, I felt an immediate connection with the guy who was there, obviously from Polynesia and we ended up chatting about many deep things for around one and a half hour. All along, I felt a special kind of connection and was attempting to understand what it was. I knew it was not about love as in a relationship but could not figure it out. Yet, I felt extremely good after this.

Until, I had, some time later, yet another quantum healing session and saw this same guy pop up. And you know what, we were very close on the island when I was a chief! 🙂))

Unbelievable! Connexions last lifetimes!

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