Sacred Connection

Once the full body is awakened, then the person has a radiance and an aliveness that is brilliantly unique.  The eyes shine light through and radiate life.

Awakening a being is, after all, rather easy and utterly pleasant.

As I am fully versed into sacredness, I am not talking about exciting or having the intention to turn on the person sexually. I mean, deeply connecting, before actually lovingly touching and continuing by journeying the Sacred Connection, which is based on Tantra and Tao, where specific areas are cared for, where emotional locks give in and where the energy can freely flow again. Awakening this sexual/life energy within allows people to become aligned with their highest nature and this powers anyone’s life!

Sacred Sexuality is about becoming immersed in an intense experience and lighting the way to You, to your very own charismatic leadership and true purpose. And this is because, it is through the activation of the body energies that the mind actually awakens to its true nature, this life force energy is the pure embodiement of the Highest Consciousness.

Interested in journeying your Sacred Connection?

State your city + country in comments and I will signal the matches with my intentions and travels for 2018. Alternatively, I give sessions in the South of France for those loving frog legs and snails 🙂

With much gratitude

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