Sacred Sexuality

On Sacred Sexuality…

Sexuality intrigues, attracts and has a lot of power. It is also very secret and may I add, Sacred. And I say this especially for those who are spiritual. Often, it tends to be one of the last thing one puts in place in its own spirituality path. It also has a lot of connotations depending on one’s own culture, influence and society. For some, it is dirty and evil, for others it is a way of luxure and abuse. It offers a very diverse landscape and has a wide range of possible experiences. Today, I will not get into the whole of the spectrum as I am going to concentrate on what is meant by Sacred Sexuality.

To make it simple, Sacred Sexuality is about consciousness and presence, which are the starting and innermost ingredients. It happens through connexion and opening of the sensual (i.e. 6 senses) channels, as well as some energy gates and points located on one’s body. It can get as intimate as a yoni or lingam massage and the best part is that it also gets so orgasmic you cannot believe it until you have actually experienced it.

It has a lot to do with energy, or may I say, Sexual Energy, which, by the way, is also Life Force. It does not last the average worldwide record of 10 to 15 minutes before it ends 🙂. No, no, no, it takes time, is awesome and is so nurturing, so deep and so full of love, that… it is actually addictive. Can you imagine being addicted to your higher self? How would that be? Oh, yes! This is because, I forgot to mention, it starts by You. Yes, yes, you can learn to do this on your own and for yourself. And of course, you can also have a Sacred Sexuality with a partner. Everything is possible! That is the main belief I hold in my life and I love it!

Anyway…I was saying how wonderful Sacred Sexuality is. So awesome, that I have deeply fallen in love with it. So delightful, resourcing and deeply fulfilling that I intend to put it at the center of my life. But, let me continue telling you about it. Intimacy is a result of Sacred Sexuality and that goes along with the ability to open up to vulnerability, just like in leadership. In case, this does not make sense, mention it in the comments and I will explain it.

So, yes, Sacred Sexuality awakens life force in the whole of your body, clears emotional locks, aligns you with your true purpose and creates flow. Wooowwww, that is a lot and it is true. There is more, it makes your eyes, the soul door, shine fully of love and energy. It contributes to raising your vibrational state and to radiating like the Sun, to feeling as light as the Air, to tasting Life and to enjoying it all!

At this point, I am assuming you may have a few questions such as:
And what needs to happen for Sacred Sexuality to exist in my life, for yourself and potentially for your partner. How do I initiate all of this? In what ways is this going to help me find my true purpose? And so on, and so on.

This is why I have tailored a yummydelicious+++ offer, just for you. This proposal is only valid for 24 hours. If you hear my words and resonates with them, please feel free to comment what offer you would like to take up. It can come in two formats: individual bespoke sessions of Sacred Sexuality Coaching at 150 US$/hour or a serie of 3 x 1.5 hour workshops, where you will get to experiment for yourself and also get your questions answered through a whatsapp private group at 120 US$ total.

Comment here below and contact me for PayPal Link

See you soon in awe-some Sacred Sexuality Land 🙂 💗🙏

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