The True Nature of Leadership

Being a leader today is a daily act of standing strong in one’s very own nature. No good having values and staying with yourself or with your team only. The leaders that are needed are those standing their ground and walking their talk.

And sorry to say, that after many years spent working in the arena of leadership development internationally and cross-industry, the kind of training provided is absolutely not appropriate. Most of the time, it only scratches the surface and does not go further than the mind or, in the best of cases, the behaviours.

Unfortunately, what is truly needed for leaders, yet rather non-existent, is to fully embody who they are and integrate their sacred dimension. This is what makes a leader impactful and inspiring.

Of course, the sacred aspect of leadership is really taboo and unheard of, or nearly, in the executive arena. Most believe the sacred dimension belongs to spirituality and some kind of weird stuff. Sacred has nothing to with odd and is actually very simple and straightforward. It is what human nature is about. Except that our sacred dimension is gradually abolished by the constant conditionning we receive, right from birth.

So, after all, looking at sacred from this perspective means rediscovering who one is, as a leader, and that has nothing to do with any kind of psychological tests either.

What does it mean then in terms of leadership development ? Very bluntly, it is a case of current trainings being far too superficial in their results. Just inviting the mind or the behavior or even tests into this kind of leadership is simply not sufficient. Working directly with embodiment and sacredness is what makes the difference.

Embodying leadership means developping an alignment through involving the body. And, yay, I have said one of the two forbidden words in the corporate world : body. Just for the sake of satisfying curiosity the second one is : emotion. Surprisingly enough for many, I happen to think that body and emotion are truly vital in developping leadership.

I convincingly say that it is actually key that leadership be embodied. Integrity then just blossoms as a result of this. Flow kicks in and only does so when this kind of alignement is met. As a result, the leader can adapt to whatever comes his/her way and is very proficient at leading in a VUCA world, because he/she is so connected to source ie trusting and also according to his/her intuition, in a fully integrated way.

As said earlier, that means a leader who walks his/her talk and is full of integrity, itself translating into full authenticity. And I reiterate that a lot of leadership development speaks of adressing authenticity, yet this cannot happen on a mind basis, it has to go through the body.

Again and in conclusion, having integrity and keeping it to yourself is of no use in today’s leadership world. What is needed in order for our society to evolve is that leaders actually stand up for what they believe in, deeply grounded in their values and connected to their intuition. Only this kind of approach will yield impactful results. And when we are talking results, it means high figures and high performance. Isn’t it what most businesses are about? Then, what are you waiting for, wasting money in inappropriate trainings?

I wish to thank one of my main client for having inspired this reflexion through imposing a lack of communication and fog kind of leadership, I am ever so grateful to your organizational and personal flaws. One of the many triggers of the puzzle. ENJOY!

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