Part of who I am and what I stand for is to have an amazing life with lots of love, money and sex, alongside a business that makes a huge impact.

We all value different things, so I want to hear what you love to splurge on regularly and what you don’t really value spending on.
This will be fun!!
I will start.
I love spending time with my 3 children, connecting and making love (this is my ancient tantrika roots manifesting vividly), going into nature, diversity as a whole, traveling to new places, especially to South East Asia and India, being creative, playing jokes to others, laughing so much my tommy hurts, cooking, learning about energies and having deep conversations with many people.

I also love buying confortable, classy clothes to wear.
I like to have reliable technologies at hand and a reliable car to drive in.
I love to feel secure, seen, loved and heard.

I find what I love doing evolves alongside my own deepening towards my true nature. Some time ago, I absolutely needed to be in warm water often. I now enjoy it but do not need it anymore.

Right now my dreams are:

– to go and visit my son in Australia next march
– to get a rough collie
– to harmoniously live with my life energy
– to connect and make love on a daily basis
– to invoice at least 100% more than current

How about you ladies and guys?

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