Yoni Hysteria

Sirs, Hey Sirs, listen to me!!!!

I have a message for you.

Do you remember when doctors used to practice vaginal massage in the XIX century in order to « cure » hysteria ?

Well, they were right as there are a few rules of thumb in women sexuality. Anciently then women had the privilege of manual vaginal visit, and doctors complained it took them around an hour for them to climax !

So that is when the vibrator was invented and used to be ranked 5th of the electrical devices present in the various homes.

What does that tell you ?

Let me share a well kept secret. Vaginal massage, aka as yoni massage, is nowadays fashionable, so much so that some parlour are opening for women to go and get it, did you know ? And I am not talking dildo or anything mecanical, it is purely « handmade » massage that makes the difference.

Never mind, the most important thing is for you Sirs to understand the utmost importance of yoni massage.

Yoni is at the core of a woman’s body and holds her deepest secrets, emotions and stories. By sapiently massaging the yoni with due respect and presence, you will get wonder from your Queen. She will be ever so grateful that you will not believe your luck.

Women especially enjoy Yoni massage on key days of their cycle such as around ovulation and before their period, both moments when yoni tend to need this extra help for its bliss.

The question is, how much do you know about yoni massage ?

If you interested in learning more about this wonderful modality, get in touch and find out more.

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