In Sacred Sex

I am writing this article with my eyes closed so that inspiration flows into words as it happens.

Lately, and since I trained in Emotional Detox through Tantra and Tao Bodywork in Thailand, my sexuality has shifted.

This is intimate sharing and gives me a slight sense of vulnerability.  I would therefore appreciate if you read my words with your heart rather than through the lense of judgment.

Thank you for this J


Here goes my story….I inadvertently discovered pleasure doing sport and had been keeping a similar modality to reach peaks, up to some years ago.  In parallel, I knew deep inside myself that there was a lot more to sexuality than just what is « on the market » at eye level and read books on tantra for over 10 years.  And, as you can imagine, a book cannot replace experience !

So, there I decided to sign up for the training of my life, in Thailand, some months ago, and I came out transformed, inside out, based on what I experienced.

All the pieces of my apparently fragmented life came together and my actual life was revolutionalized.

 And this feels very good, because I have come to discover who I really am and fully embody it.

I have gone through surprising paths lately from sensing a huge cobra right behind my head, just like an armchair, to being a wolf for a night, to journeying back into the native Indian American tribes.  All that in the last few months and not asking for anything as it just happens.  Some came alive on my own and some was born when being with my soul mate partner.

I do not want to give this or myself a label or a name, all I can say is that I am connected to the Sacred Dimension of life and that this is what I am bringing in/to this lifetime.

I also wish to share that whatever I am taking people through as a coach, I have myself experienced before, so that I relate to what is happening for You.

This brings me to feeling totally aligned and with a vibrant life energy pervading my body, soul and spirit.


Coming back to the juicy part of sex….

sex is a lot more than just making love and climaxing.  Sex is life force energy, intimacy with yourself first, and with another subsequently, sex is sacred connexion with past lives, and whatever comes your way in terms of knowledge, information or even experience.

You might be surprised to discover, or actually to see yourself, doing things you did not know existed the second before.  You might experience your body taking ownership and coming to life.  You might even awaken this in other, who knows what your path is. 

 Sex and intimacy are full of surprises and I truly invite you to connect so that You can take it much further than where you are at present.


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