Sacredness, Cacao and Sex

Sacred is the pivotal adjective that accompanies each and every aspect of my life.  Looking at society, I’d say that everything can have a Sacred dimension.  However, for some reasons, this sacred aspect is not manifested and seems to remain unknown for most.

By saying that, I am not intending to put myself on top of everyone else but to share the vision I am growing to have on Sacredness.

I have been observing life as a whole for a long time, since this is a very enjoyable activity to me, and have noticed that, as a whole, society holds most of the Sacred things that exist, yet runs them on the unSacred level.

Let’s take an easy one : chocolate.  A lot of people crave and love chocolate.  The most promoted and sold chocolate is often of poor or average quality and therefore does not yield the Sacred dimension it could.  Sacred dimension in Cacao ?  Yes, Cacao has been used for years by various populations around the world for specific purposes.  Nowadays, Cacao Ceremonies are surfacing like discreet mushrooms around the world.  And those give full yield to the sacred dimension of Cacao.

A second exemple is sex.  Sex is everywhere and anywhere and there is a vast array of options.  It seems to be one of the predominant activity people are concerned about and interested in.  So, this far, I’d say, human beings are in tune with their Sacredness. Sex is life and is intended to bring more life into our physical bodies.  Yet, today it is often practiced in quantity or poorly rather than consciously and into the Sacred Dimension.  Sacred sexuality is a wonderful awakener to life, ecstasy, intimacy and joy.  Yet, most people do not have a clue what Sacred Sexuality is about so they keep manifesting and living sex in the average dimension, which tends to lead to dissatisfaction, boredom or mechanical happenings.

I could go on giving plenty of exemples like these.  What I believe is important is that human beings, despite the fact of being heavily conditioned right from birth, retain an kind of connection to the world and to themselves.  And this is excellent news !  The next step is in integrating the Sacred Dimension in our daily life in order to Be who we truly are and act in line with what we have come to do on Earth.

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