Divine needs no wifi nor ego

It seems that nowadays most people I connect with are within the spiritual/light realm.  As an seasoned leadership development facilitator and an executive coach, I am confortable with a direct and focussed style.  In short, I know what I intend and will act upon it.  Translated, this means, among other things, that I can write to someone I have never met and who may be at the other side of the world just because I feel there is a lightful vibe.

 I am a sacred connector and have always been so.

In practice, people I write to to connect either adopt a commercial kind of answer or a « are you looking for a sexual relationship ? » kind of response.

Of course, I purposely choose to omit those that are simply aggressive and/accusatory of their own issues transferred onto me J.


And WTF ?????


Why is it that people and even more so spiritual/light/so called high vibe people do not seem able to slip into sacred connection ?


Well, it seems most are not aware it even exists !  And this is sad !

If everytime someone connects with you, you either respond by :

  1. Trying to sell her something
  2. Fleeing because you scared
  3. Ignoring because you are too busy
  4. Or even Attacking because you are judging out of your own personal messy development

Then, there cannot be any sacred connection.

I believe this is purely due to a few factors :

  • The always ever never ending and solely focussed stinky consuming society
  • The fear of intimacy
  • Ignorance and/or lack of personal awareness


And I wonder how intimate can you be in life ?  at work ? and with your lover ?


WTF are you scared of ?


Connecting on a Sacred Level and getting deeply intimate is also what spirituality and light working is about.


Do you think you can change the world on your own ?

Listen softly to the answer : « Your ego is going nowhere on its own ».


Connecting on a Sacred level means forgetting all those labels you stick on yourself in order to appear to be whoever, and coming right here, raw and « naked » as who you really are, watching direct into the eyes from the center of your heart and just being.


How confortable is that ?


It is not finished.  It is getting much better.  The next step is that you learn to re-open all of your senses and allow what comes to be.  The contrary of wanting to take, or wanting to please or trying to do anything.  It is just about being and opening, this is what sacred connection and intimacy is about.  Sacred means it is deep and authentic, connected to the Divine, no wifi needed !


Of course, since you have lived before and have stuck up on many emotions, experiences and fears, it may require you to go through a « process » of unlearning these and letting go.  And there is no quicker way than going through the body and allowing it to find again a state close to its original one, a state of flow and spontaneity.  Nothing else than being open and present to your senses and declaring you are done with fear !  That is all Sacred Intimacy is about.  And then maybe, one day when you will receive a connection request from a faraway lady, you will truly sense the vibe and respond from that place of Sacred Intimacy and Connection.


The world is not only about doing, it is merely about being, and especially being who you are to the fullest potential.


To get there, to develop this, I work alongside people like you and run retreats on Sacred Intimacy and Connection !


More to come on the topic soon.


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