Building personal and soft capacities

Increase the number of sustainable change makers

Establish empowering environment

Influence and Impact  

Bring dignity to people

Transform, Build, Adapt, Move away from … (please tick)

Upskill yourself

Feed your mind healthily

Have fun

Evolving Experience

Do you know what is inside an apricot?

Are you actually curious enough to wonder what is inside this apricot.  Yes, the one on the picture down here.  See it?

Or… Can you affirm you know that for sure already?  Yeah, that feels like the right answer.  Actually, it also feels pretty reassuring and safe to know.  It is all so evident.  Why ask such stupid questions, huh?!

Well, let me offer a crazy alternative. 

What if you discovered, as expected a regular pit, in the apricot?  Something different. 

Will you want to experiment and try yourself out, new ways, be provoked.  Anything is possible.  It depends on …

What does it depend on for you?

  • Embrace surprise
  • Question perception
  • Creatively Innovative
  • Freshly High End
  • Brightly Ethical

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