« Naked Truths » published on November 2011,

« The Power of Your Inner Brilliance » Best Seller published in November 12th 2019

An anthology sharing stories of Self-Love, Self-Worth, and Inner Confidence

« Social Work, Art Therapy and Care – The Use of Playback Theater – Editions Champ Social – Coming out in Jan 2020

« Flush your Brains – Inspire Catalysts »

A book for the executive who lacks time and brain space for mindfulness and freedom to think.

Today’s rapid life rhythm added to the excessive amount of stimuli we are subject to, create a context which makes it difficult for our brains to act in full awareness. Our attention gets constantly distracted and the many tasks we are meant to achieve take away the consciousness and the optimized inner space our brains naturally have.

In addition, I regularly contribute to EMEA Wide initiatives with content and blogs.

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