« It is time to change your life, decide, and act. » – Angélique Miralles

An inside out approach keynote to share how to shift paradigms, especially in times of disruption.

Storying real events, reflections and atypical paths taken, I share my explorations and vast global experience with the audience. My strength lies in trusting my intuition (inner leadership) while developing creative strategies to get when I want to get. This means, being connected to my intuitive self, my senses, what and who is around me before listening to what happens within me. I only call the rational and creative parts of me after this to design the way forward.

My aim in doing so is to spark leadership coming from within, to develop an open-mind, and shift paradigms.

« Drawing from my experience in over 15 countries, as an entrepreneur, and from my co-writing and performance of my solo theatre play « I will not live in a box », I share the power of being, creativity and awareness in shifting paradigms. »

Suggested Venue: currently 60-90 minute signature keynotes serve as an inspirational talk for leaders, deciders and entrepreneurs to take action now. They weave together story-telling, best practices, and humor.

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Keynote Audience Takeaways :

Lead in time of disruption

Thrive in ambiguity, complexity and uncertainty

Shift paradigms

Gain energy and inspiration

Spark inner motivation to decide and act

Adopt perspectives

Get a sense of belonging and connectedness

Gain resiliency and think new options creatively


Best seller Author, Artist of the recent solo theatre performance “I will not live in a Box”, one of Angelique’s passion is inner sparkled artistic creations in theatre, writing, dancing, singing and painting. A mother of 3, she has lived in many different countries during half of her life before rooting again in her native Southern France.

A woman of purpose and a privileged executive partner, I work alongside leaders, entrepreneurs and deciders who are shifting paradigms.  I bring deep levels of transformation in leadership.

Past keynote assignments:

  • FCPE, Montpellier, France, 2018, « How to reflect on your future studies, different paths and skills to acquire »
  • Ouisharefest, Paris, France, 2016, « What is your future journey like? »
  • Conférences – Débats du C.M.P.P. de Narbonne, France, 2014, « Is coaching a therapy for healthy patients? »

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