Leadership Coaching

Restore deep levels of being & reconnect to your true self.  

I coach people in life and executive contexts in French, English and Italian.  

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  • Executive Leadership & Presence Coaching
  • True Purpose Coaching  
  • Emotional Freedom Coaching                                                                                                                                                                                                                                               Coaching is about You. You have the answers within; you just want to access them more quickly and easily.  You know that acting small serves no one; you want gentle, deep, and powerful support in bringing forth your gifts. You’re ready to awaken to sacredness and embodiment of your leadership, true purpose, be in flow and attract success instead of working so hard for it.

For whom?

Clients are mainly highly conscious entrepreneurs, leaders, nomads who want to expand their develop their leadership, business and be fully aligned with their purpose.  They most frequently request coaching on the following:

  • Reconnecting to authentic leadership
  • Wanting to experience more of their deep self
  • Finding direction through tuning themselves to their inner needs.
  • Freeing emotions and what does not make sense to them
  • Living more authentically
  • Aligning their life with their core purpose and values
  • Attracting and allowing greater flow, fulfillment, joy, agility and abundance.

I take the approach that You are the expert of your own experiences and I am the expert of the coaching process which can help you gain optimal leadership.

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