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At Isencea Ltd we offer consultancy, audit, development, facilitation and coaching in leadership, artistic and nature fields. Our main speciality lies in developing conscious agile leadership to shift paradigms and make a difference in the world.

Being a strong advocate of human beings and their nature, we inclusively value life. We trust our insights and intuition to decide if and when to connect with others, clients included.

Our first question to you is: What Difference do you want to make in the World?

betterup logoLead Uniquely thanks to Isencea Ltd, Specialist in Conscious Agile Global Leadership. Make a difference with our leaders Angélique Miralles a best seller author, and the team who possess a unique quality of wisdom and sharp insight in catalyzing leaders to brand their uniqueness, lead conscious and agile to shift paradigms.

cultivate depth, vibrancy and impact. Over the last 25 years, Angelique’s deep level work has facilitated powerful transformations in the lives of the many she has worked with. A best seller author, a certified global senior executive coach and leadership facilitator, she has worked for the most famous multinationals across industries and organizational level

Angélique has a life time of dedication to understanding Human Beings across cultures and on all levels. Through her own inner process and by assisting many globally, Angélique has the capacity to efficiently and effectively cut through to the deepest issues and provide proven solutions to navigate through the corporate game and come out with a unique solution, Yours.

DDI Certified, Conscious Coaching by Fred Kofman Certified, Foundations of Learning Experience Design Certified by NovoEd, Virtual facilitation certified by Dale Carnegie.

This work is an invitation to each leader to lead uniquely and shift paradigms. .

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