I am writing this article with my eyes closed so that inspiration flows into words as it happens. Lately, and since I trained in Emotional Detox through Tantra and Tao Bodywork in Thailand, my sexuality has shifted. This is intimate sharing and gives me a slight sense of vulnerability.  I would therefore appreciate if you... Lire la Suite →

Sacred is the pivotal adjective that accompanies each and every aspect of my life.  Looking at society, I’d say that everything can have a Sacred dimension.  However, for some reasons, this sacred aspect is not manifested and seems to remain unknown for most. By saying that, I am not intending to put myself on top... Lire la Suite →

Hommes! Osez Réveiller votre Masculin Sacré

Le monde a besoin de vous! Nous tous avons besoin de Vous! Savez-vous que la femme présente à son féminin sacré est irrésistiblement attirée par l’homme qui est lui aussi dans son masculin sacré? Oui, les femmes ont besoin de Vous, Hommes dans votre Masculin Sacré. Et le monde vous attend, afin de rétablir la... Lire la Suite →


During one of the last coaching chemistry session I held, the potential coachee shared the following:  "working with you is going to be like going through an earthquake".  By this, he meant that he perceived how powerful the coaching was going to be.  I take it as a compliment.  Thank you!

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