« In the past she has supported me during a moral harassment situation at work in such a way that I was able to cope with it, to find the best solution for myself, to take action and to rebuild the confidence in my professional capacities.  Now she is helping me to improve my organizational and communication skills at work. She is also helping me to discern whether I am in the right profession or whether I should consider looking for a career that is more in alignement with my values and competencies.  Angelique has the ability to sense the needs of the person she is coaching, to understand the stage where the person is at and to ask pertinent and powerful questions which help the person to progressively advance in clarity and concrete action. Thanks to these abilities she helps me to clarify my objectives and priorities, to determine the direction to take and to discover the adequate means and actions to put into place. She also has the ability to accompany me in the actions that I take and helps me to evaluate what works best in order for me to continue progressing with a sense of responsability and increasing confidence in myself.  Angelique has excellent communication skills. Her effective listening skills and sense of understanding enable her to ask the pertinent questions that will bring progressive light onto the person’s path. She has knowledge of a wide range of topics which help to understand where the person is at both personally and professionally (since these two things are interconnected). She also has a great knowledge of inner human functioning and a developed intuition which helps the person to unblock personal limiting beliefs which impede effectiveness at work and in life in general. Each time, right from the first session she has helped me to become aware of the things that block me and the direction that I want to go and the fact that I can rebuild my confidence in myself. With her as a coach I truly feel that I am being accompanied and supported and this helps me to go beyond my confort zone and connect with my inner creativeness and potential. » RC – Perpignan, France


« Angélique is very professional and multifaceted. I have called upon her services on different topics. She is reliable, constructive and helpful.  I am fully convinced that our students benefit from her input in areas such as career-building, new ways of thinking and problem-solving.  Angélique is able to arouse the students’ enthusiasm.  She likes to be challenged within a team and it seems to me that she is exigent with herself and with the others too, to bring out the best in them.  Angélique is particularly excellent when she delivers team-building modules.  She has a good knowledge about modern international business organizations and interpersonal skills. » University, Perpignan, France


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