We are the most powerful when we are ourselves, operating out of love and not fear.

This is especially true as we are currently shifting paradigms altogether.

At Isencea, we favour ideating, Inner Intelligences, finding the ability to connect to self, others, one’s own internal sources of action, the business, as well as to adapt to a wider context.

By this, we mean going deeper into one’s own consciousness, insights, mindset and development, to act and experiment fully.

That is, we specialise in true, genuine, and open minded human development for you and your business to thrive with meaning.

Angélique Miralles

Director – French, English, Italian, Spanish

My particular focus is on ideating & architecting large scale care & development programs to facilitate paradigm shifting.

A former university lecturer, a best selling author and inspiring keynote speaker, as well as a seasoned L&D professional, and executive coach with 25+ years of experience.

Angelique’s Sutra: “It’s time to give another direction to your life, to decide and act.”

Dorothée Cincinnato

Legal Services – French, Italian, English

My particular focus is on supporting the legal sides of things. Otherwise, I am a creative, equally very organised left brain graduate, looking to contribute fully to a meaningful world of human development.


We regularly work alongside trusted associates who bring complementary aspects of our activity.

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